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We give you all the tools, training, inspiration & coaching to grow an amazing dental practice that creates the freedom you need to have a better life.

Develop best practices you can implement right away.
Strengthen your practice with renowned dental educators.
Grow your practice and regain your time with our proven framework.

Discover the solutions for a better practice with ACT Dental


Select ACT Dental University or ACT Dental Coaching If you are not sure, you are welcome to schedule a call, and we'll guide you towards the right training.


You'll have access to our live and on-demand training, tools to learn at your own pace, and a growing community of like-minded professionals all committed to helping you grow.


You'll thrive both personally and professionally as you regain your time with our game-changing coaching framework. You won't see anything like this in dentistry.

Choose your path to grow your practice and development with ACT Dental

Access to the best dental educators on the planet to bring you "best practices" and
help you become the dentist you were called to be.

ACT Dental University

Access to the best dental educators on the planet to bring you "best practices" and help you become the dentist you were called to be. Watch what you want, when you want it.  It's 24/7 on-demand access.  Friday's we host "Master Classes" with the very best dental speakers you will ever see. 


ACT Dental Practice Coaching

Are you ready to grow your practice and regain your time? We want to hear about you, learn your goals as a practice owner, and understand what is holding you back. Using our proven business coaching framework we will cut through the complexity so you can grow.


ACT Dental Master Class

Learn From One of the Best Educators During Our BEST PRACTICES MASTER CLASS Experience. Every Friday from 11:00 - 1:00 ET for ACT Dental University Members. You will learn from a Master on the "best practices" for 90 minutes, followed by an interactive Q&A session so that your questions can be answered. You can go back and review the videos at any time.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Dental Practice

Dentistry's #1 Podcast on

The Best Practices

Join the community of over 38,000 followers on Facebook and over 100,000 episodes downloaded of the top experts in dentistry sharing the best practices so that you can create a better practice.


Client Reviews

Best ever!
ACT has made a huge difference in my practice and in my life. Words cannot describe my appreciation for the people in this company.

– Chris Leiszler

To describe Kirk seminar in a few words is difficult, but I will try.  Motivating, life changing, team building.  Great experience

– Kamini Talati

Exhilarating, motivating. Makes you want to be a better leader and an overall better person. Also makes you realize where you truly need to work on yourself to achieve these things...

–Shaina Darmont

I first heard Kirk talk 5 years ago. His energy and enthusiasm and philosophy touched my heart. I have been a client for over 3 years now and ACT has helped me develop a great practice culture and truly helped me grow as a leader. I highly recommend them. Thank you for everything!!!

– N V Somaiya

I've now been in the dental field for almost 40 years. I'm a dental hygienist, but have been a assistant, front desk, office manager, and consultant. I've gone thru about 5 different consulting/coach groups that I have enjoyed. I've attended 100's of classes/conventions/seminars. But, ACT is by far my favorite! I love all the information they provide to help our office become the best! I love their contagious energy and excitement with everything you attend. Angela is our coach and she is easy to talk to and knows her stuff! I would highly recommend this group to improve your practice from good to great!

– Julie Mobley

Ready for a better practice and a better life?

Are you a practice owner that knows your practice has more room to grow?
Even though things are good, you know they could be even better. 


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